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Our primary challenge is ensuring that sufficient planning and training have adequately prepared the security staff to effectively respond to and deal with the unusual/emergency/crisis event at any hour at any facility that we protect. Without question the primary contributor to poor job performance is inadequate training. Training must be used to improve performance. Period.
Our objective is to furnish uniformed or plainclothed officers, whichever is agreed upon between the parties, to protect the client's property and their employees. We strive to make suggestions to relieve hazards that are found to exist and endeavor to improve service. All at a price that allows us to say  "your peace of mind is our concern".
Code of Ethics for Lonewolf Security LLC Employees:
   In recognition of the significant contribution of private security to crime prevention and reduction, as a private security employee, I pledge:
1.To accept the responsibilities and fulfill the obligation of my role:protecting life and property; preventing and reducing crimes against my employer's business, or other organizations and institutions to which I am assigned; upholding the law; and respecting the constitutional rights of all persons.
2.To conduct myself with honesty and integrity and to adhere to the highest moral principles in the performance of my security duties.
3.To be faithful, diligent, and dependable in discharging my duties, and to uphold at all times the laws, policies, and procedures that protect the rights of others.
4.To observe the precepts of truth, accuracy and prudence, without allowing personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence my judgements.
5.To report to my superiors, without hesitation, any violation of the law or of my employer's or client's regulations.
6.To respect and protect the confidential and privileged information of my employer or client beyond the term of my employment, except where they are contrary to law or this code of ethics.
7.To cooperate with all recognized and responsible law enforcement and government agencies in matters within their jurisdiction.
8.To accept no compensation, commission, gratuity, or other advantage without the knowledge and consent of my employer.
9.To conduct myself professionally at all times, and to perform my duties in a manner that reflects credit upon myself, my employer, and private security.
10.To strive continually to improve my performance by seeking training and educational opportunities that will better prepare me for my private security duties .
We are a diversified company of committed officers proudly providing our clients and their employees with a peaceful environment. We deliver what we promise and we do not sacrifice long-range goals for short-term profits. We believe that persons who are interested in working in the security industry should be more interested in providing service to others as opposed to exerting power or authority. There is little need for the "macho, tough-guy" approach to security. The day is here when a person who wants to work in the field of security must be willing to provide service. There are no simple solutions for understanding how to solve the conflicts between ourselves and those who are "different". A complete and final solution to why people are different can never be obtained since the world and persons are always changing. Acceptance of our own normality and that of others, and an openminded willingness to try to relate and communicate are the first critical steps in dealing effectively with other people. That, along with our attention to detail, dedicated officers, unparralleled service, and our competitive prices is what you can expect from Lonewolf Security LLC.

The security officer who arrives to work unshaven, with a soiled, wrinkled shirt, unpolished shoes, and in general an appearance that looks like the officer has just climbed out of bed, might as well find another job!  Lonewolf Security LLC   find these acts totally unacceptable and they have already limited their potential for success with this company and possibly becoming an effective member of any security department .
If people did not steal, cheat, rob, vandalize or otherwise destroy that which belongs to someone else... why would there be a need for security?
Unfortunately, because of evil, there is a need for persons to protect themselves and their property. By and large that is why security exists. However, if as security professionals we accept the theory that security personnel must conduct themselves in a highly proper and ethical manner at all times, then we must also accept the notion that ours is an integrity profession. Without integrity, security personnel are no better than criminals, for if a person has been assigned the responsibility of protecting someone else's property, to damage or steal the property is the greatest wrong.
The best compliment i could ever receive is a referral from my friends and clients.
                                      WHY THE NEED FOR A SECURITY PROFESSIONAL?
Losses due to all causes continue to represent a problem of major proportions for business and industry. To the extent that the services of security professionals can help in eliminating, preventing, or controlling a company's losses, they are needed. Crime prevention, the very essence of a security professional's existence, is another spoke in the wheel of total loss control. It is the orderly and predictive identification, abatement, and response to criminal opportunity. It is a managed process which fosters the elimination of the emotional crisis response to criminal losses and promotes the timely identification of exposures to criminality before these exposures mature to a confrontation process. The proper application of protection techniques to minimize loss opportunity promises the capability not only to improve net profits of business but also to reduce to acceptable levels the frequency of most disruptive acts, the consequences of which often exceed the fruits of the crime.
Transforming ethics from the backseat to a compelling high priority is difficult to instill in the deserving officer. One essential ingredient is courage. Courage usually requires putting your own fears aside to get the job done. Another essential ingredient is leadership. Corrupt security officers are disciplined or fired. Leadership is the foundation for preventing unethical acts. Regardless of rank, a leader's actions serve to guide security officers facing ethical dilemmas. Poor supervision generates bad attitudes, and bad attitudes promote unethical acts. Finally, corruption destroys lives.
                 your peace of mind is our concern
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